Stropko™ Irrigator




The Stropko™ Irrigator – an instrument used for precise control of air and/or water in any dental procedure (crown, bridge, restorative, endodontic, periodontic, surgical, implant, etc.) that requires irrigation or drying during the process.  The Stropko™ Irrigator is especially useful when performing procedures with the Surgical Operating Microscope (SOM) when precision & control of the irrigation is essential.  Use in every dental procedure to assure a gentle and effective stream of water and/or air for superior and efficient cleaning or drying of any surface or working area.
Product advantages:
  • Clean & dry with confidence
  • Eliminates splashing
  • Regulated, gentle air pressure
  • Uses a large variety of tips
  • Enhances micro adhesion
  • Essential for microscope use
  • Accurate, fine stream of water
  • Enables air-thinning of deep resin
  • Ergonomic and easy to use
  • Multi-disciplinary use
  • Adapts to most air/water dental syringes

The Stropko™ Irrigator has multi-disciplinary uses:


  • Rinse and dry precisely for unsurpassed vision during every procedure
  • Clear away dentinal dust while retrieving broken instruments
  • Control vision of site while troughing to locate hidden canals in all molars
  • Clean and dry root-end preparations when performing microsurgical procedures
  • Rinse and dry area after staining root-end preparation for unexcelled vision
  • Air-dry the canal system with a “kiss of air” prior to obturation for improved seal (F-I-R-E Technique)


  • Direct a precise and controlled flow of air or water into any area
  • Be confident of surface management in micro-adhesive dentistry
  • Clean and dry sulcus during tissue retraction prior to impressions
  • Use gentle air flow to “thin“ resin for total light cure during placement in deep areas
  • Rinse completely and have positive drying of area in all bonding procedures


  • Use omni-directional stream of water for effective and efficient irrigation of surgical sites
  • Hygienist can gently “fluff” sulcular tissue to easily check for sub-gingival calculus


  • Remove particles and clean socket after extraction (prior to immediate placement)
  • Irrigate surgical area to maintain tissue moisture throughout procedure
  • Rinse after each drill use to clean it and the osteotomy for vision
  • Flush debris out of the internal screw channel of the implant before abutment seating


  • Gently flush any area for vision and avoid splashing or inadvertent contamination


  • Precisely clean and dry bracket bonding sites
  • Remove debris from brackets at adjustment visits for vision
Standard 2” Package
Includes: (1) Stropko™ Irrigator 2” length & (5) Blue-Flo™ tips
XL 3.5” Package
Includes: (1) Stropko™ Irrigator 3.5” length & (5) Blue-Flo™ tips
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“The Stropko™ Irrigator (SI) eliminates uncontrolled splashing associated with traditional air, water syringe tips. The SI Easily transforms a standard air/water syringe into a different instrument, which delivers a controlled and precise stream of air and/or water to the desired site. The unique capability to deliver air / water through small delivery tips, helps to eliminate the concern of splatter and airborne contaminants normally produced by standard air / water syringes. This is a COVID-19 essential, enhance any procedure requiring air or water, and is especially helpful under magnification!” – Dr. John Stropko, DDS