RE-GEN – Bioactive Universal Bond



This single bottle universal adhesive incorporates Bioactive materials directly into the adhesive layer, depositing biologically charged ions where it counts!
Add Bioactivity to any of your trusted composites
  • Targeted Bioactivity – Ionic release at the resin-dentin interface
  • Osteogenic – Stimulates regeneration of hydroxyapatite
  • Antimicrobial – Alkaline pH aids in the prevention of secondary caries
  • Biocompatible-  BPA-Free, patient friendly non-toxic compatibility
Shear bond strength that stands out from the competitors:
RE-GEN Universal Bond Kit: (1) 4mL bottle, (50) applicator brushes, (1) mixing well, (2) 1.2mL syringes of Etchant/Cleanser, (8) Spira-Flo™ brush tips
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