Piezo Restorative Tips

$65.00 - $104.30


Thread Style
Tip Style

D = Diamond Coated
Versatile diamond-coated restorative tips are ideal for use in a wet or dry field.
Applications include: refining axial walls, caries removal, cleaning pulp chamber, sanding dentin, finishing access cavity and sanding and finishing restoratives.
GEBD-1 / GEBD-2 – (Ball-shaped Tips)
Available in two ball shaped sizes: Small (GEBD-1), Large (GEBD-2)
GEFD-1 / GEFD-2 – (Football-shaped Tips)
Available in two football shaped sizes: Small (GEFD-1), Large (GEFD-2)
Vista ultrasonic tips are designed to fit all major piezo scaling units.
Compare to Ultradent®*: Ultrawave®* ETBD Tips – save up to 50%
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