Piezo General Scaling Tips

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Thread Style
Tip Style

SU1 – Light to medium-heavy supra-gingival (comes with tip wear marking). Ideal for light to medium-heavy cases of supra-gingival calculus. Produces a smoothly scaled surface with minimal need for secondary hand instrumentation. Use the side radius of the initial 2-3mm of the tip in a sweeping motion on the tooth enamel.
SU2 – Heavy supra-gingival calculus removal. Flat edge for removing high density deposits: Use to sheer off calculus, use an up-and-down motion with the flat edge of the top of tip and the side of tip perpendicular to tooth surface.
SU3 – Tobacco, coffee and other stain removal. Rounded edge for stain removal: Use to sheer off stubborn stains, use an up-and-down motion with the rounded edge of the top of the tip and the side of tip on the surface of the tooth.
SU4 – Scaling of sensitive areas. Less abrasive than SU1-SU3 tips: Use in periodontal pockets and with other sensitive locations.
SU5 – Interproximal scaling. Thin tip design: The thin design of this tip permits easier entry into most interproximal spaces.
SU6 – Sub-gingival scaling (comes with tip wear marking). Long, thin tip design for less invasive entry into sub-gingival pockets. Produces reduced patient sensitivity.
General Scaling Tips for …
EMS* Style: Mini Piezon*, Scalex 880*, Bonart*, SuperSon EIE*, Master 400*, Parkel (Piezo)*, Dent America*
Acteon* Style: Vista P5*, NSK*, Sybron Endo*, Obtura Spartan*, ADEC*, J.Morita*, Dentsply/Tulsa*, Amdent*, Ultradent*
Call for tip compatibility with other units.
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