EDTA – 17% Solution

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Packaging Configurations

17% Solution – Specifically engineered with LOWER pH for optimal performance! For best outcomes, a LOWER pH is more important than concentration.
As pH increases, the availability of calcium ions from hydroxyapitite for chelation decreases. A pilot study using concentrations of alkaline (pH 11.3) solutions of EDTA showed them to be less effective in removing the smear layer.
Vista’s EDTA:
  • Prepares dentin walls for better ADHESION of filling materials
  • Opens dentin tubules
  • Removes smear layer and dentin mud
  • Enhances cleansing
The optimal pH for EDTA solutions should be between 7.5 – 9
50 years of research shows that pH matters!
Vista Dental pH level – 8.5, concentration 17.0%
Ultradent®* Product pH level – 11.56, concentration 18.0%
Available Packaging:
4oz. (120mL) Bottle
16oz. (480mL) Bottle
30mL Bulk Syringe
Unit Dose Includes: (20) 0.6mL individually packaged prefilled syringes & (20) 27ga Appli-Vac™ side-vent irrigating tips
Don’t waste the solution, use the 16oz. bottle with our Fill Station™
Compare to Ultradent®*: EDTA – up to 25% Savings!
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